Guaranteed Rent

Long term rent without the hassle!

Guaranteed rent packages don’t all have to be expensive, long winded ordeals. With Mead Lettings & Property Management, we can have you set up in no time. So you’re able to kick back and relax, knowing you’ve got rent coming in from a reputable source for as long as you want!


When everything goes well, renting your property is a great way to make an extra income, however voids between tenancies, tenant issues or late rent can cause that income to vanish or potentially start costing you! Remove that risk with secured, long term rental income.

  • Long term contract – We’ll sign a long term term contract with you, helping you plan with consistent income
  • Company assured – Signing with us will mean you’re getting your rent from a registered company, removing any worries of missed rent or late payments


The biggest and best benefit of a guaranteed rent package is the freedom and peace of mind it can give you! Once we’ve agreed a contract, you have nothing to worry about! You’ll get your monthly rent on time, every time!

  • No repeated tenancy renewals
  • No small maintenance issues
  • No lost rent or void periods
  • No stress or worries

View and download our guaranteed rent details here